Hayley's eyes.


This is the cutest thing ever omgg

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Paranews: Paramore dedicates LAST HOPE for Robin Williams


i got chills when she said his name.

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Couple of outtakes from my Bust Magazine shoot with Hayley Williams.  The top photo is very similar to the one that ran as the story opener, but I always preferred this one a bit.  I think it’s important that we as photographers show the images that we are most proud of - even if the differences are slight.  

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Singles Vinyls

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Last night I had the chance to make contact with someone who has literally changed my life more than anyone could ever know. I cried and sobbed like a little baby when they played Last Hope, and got to hug it out and cry with one of my best friends. I will literally NEVER forget this night, or this moment <3

What a beautiful moment/photo!

I’m just curious though, why do they have the audience so far away from the stage? like why can’t people be at the first line thing that Hayley is standing on? 

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